Syed Ibrahim Ghaznavi
Team Leader at NEWT-Lab
International Workshop Organizer Pakistan-ICTD 2013 & 2014
Professional Software Development at Intagleo Systems
TA graduate OS at LUMS
Masters in Computer Science from LUMS
Bachelors in Computer Science from NUCES

About Me

I am working on Information and Communication Technologies for Development with Dr. Umar Saif, Dr. Tapan S. Parikh, Dr. Kurtis Heimerl and Dr. Kashif Ali. I research in collaboration with TIER group, UC-Berkeley on small scale GSM networks (Based off OpenBTS). My research interest includes (but are not limited to) ICT4D and HCI4D. Currently, i am working on Village Base Station - a low power, low cost GSM cellular solution for the rural communities. Using similar low cost cellular technology we have also built Rescue Base Station - a rapidly deployable GSM cellular solution to help in disaster relief activities. I am also working on project VillageApps - which makes use of the VBTS, a web portal and an android to empower rural populations through knowledge.

Current Research Projects

5150 Range Equipment

Rescue Base Transceiver Station - RBTS

Disruption of conventional cellular network is a typical consequence of any disaster. For situation where a calamity disrupts all conventional modes of communication; our system acts as a drop-in replacement and re-instate GSM cellular sevices on the fly. The system gathers useful information and eventually synchronizes it across the disconnected base transceiver stations. It connects people conventionally through phone calls and SMS, or otherwise it helps them connect via an intermediary link (conect with someone who recently called the desired callee). It also provides attribute based search on characteristics such as name, occupation and blood group. Some other features include voicemail services, SMS broadcast alerts and emergency dialup services, through which a victim can call available doctors, fire fighters, police and rescue workers.


Village Base Transceiver Station - VBTS

Around 1 Billion people, globally, does not have access to cellular networks. Sparsely populated areas do not offer viable profits to conventional cellular operators; therefore, network operators refrain from expanding cellular coverage to these areas. To bridge this gap project VBTS is aimed at equipping sparsely populated rural communities with a sustainable and cost-effective 2.5G GSM network. The system's low energy needs and economical deployment cost makes it an ideal candidate for small villages. Such systems are already serving thousands of people in rural Indonesia and Mexico; we are introducing this technology in Pakistan
and we plan to complete our first deployment, in collaboration with TIER, by 2015

Village Apps - V-APPS

Project V-APPS is aimed at spreading knowledge to the rural communities. Our system provides a mechanism to gather crowd-sourced translations i.e. volunteer translators can record the translation of the content (PDF), page by page. The mobile application (for android only) provides an interface to view the content and listen to
its translations, page by page. Our system acts as an Information Gateway, it educates rural communities on
basic health care, primary education, Agriculture and Jobs etc.

Publications and Awards:

  • Ghaznavi, I., Heimerl, K., Muneer, U., Hamid, A., Ali, K., Parikh, T. & Saif, U. (2014, Dec). Rescue Base Station. In Proceedings of the 5th International conference on Computing for development (ACM DEV '14). ACM, San Jose, SJ, USA.

  • Best project Award (Distributed Software System Development) 2011

  • Best Gradute project Award (Network Security) 2011

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    Email: ibrahim(dot)ghaznavi(at)itu(dot)edu(dot)pk
    Phone: +92 (42) 35880062, Ext: 6048
    Mobile: +92-322-4068407

    Neighbourhood for Emerging World Technologies (NEWT)
    Information Technology University
    Computer Science Department
    Lahore, Pakistan

    USENIX ATC '11