Welcome to First Pakistan-ICTD Workshop 2013

Welcome to Pakistan-ICTD workshop being held at LUMS, Pakistan. This workshop will provide a platform where innovation in ICTD breaks its barriers. A forum where you get a chance to meet up with ICTD researchers from all around the globe, sharing their work on exciting technologies, ground breaking applications and state of the art architectures for the developing countries. The workshop is also aimed at gathering people from diverse back ground, not just technologists. We anticipate following people to attend the conference:

  • ICT4D researchers from international research institutions and organizations
  • ICT4D Practitioners
  • Representatives from NGOs in Pakistan
  • Social entrepreneurs in Pakistan
  • Professors and students from Pakistan technical universities
  • Government representatives from Pakistan
  • Representatives from NGOs and social enterprises in South East Asia, Africa and Middle East

The workshop will provide a platform where people from diverse backgrounds share their thoughts on the techniques and technologies that can contribute towards the improvement of the developing regions.


The first Pakistan-ICTD Workshop 2013 was by all accounts a resounding success. It layed the foundation for a lot of future collaborations and similar events in Pakistan. It featured leading figures in national and the international research community and NGOs.
The speeches at the two-day workshop are available as follows:

Day 1: 15 Jan 2013

Day 2: 16 Jan 2013