Welcome to Pakistan-ICTD 2014

Welcome to Pakistan-ICTD workshop being held at Information Technology University, Pakistan. The aim of the workshop is to bring leading researchers in ICTD to formulate how technology can assist with the unique set of problems currently being faced by Pakistan.
It will be a great opportunity for you to present your research on the subject and also form collaborations with fieldworkers (from academia and the non-profit sector) and academicians doing good ICTD work in Pakistan. A forum where you get a chance to meet up with ICTD researchers from all around the globe, sharing their work on exciting technologies, ground breaking applications and state of the art architectures for the developing countries. The workshop is also aimed at gathering people from diverse back ground, not just technologists. We anticipate following people to attend the workshop:

  • ICTD researchers and practitioners from international universities and organization
  • ICTD researchers and practitioners from Pakistan academia and organizations
  • Representatives from national and International NGOs and social enterprises
  • Government Representatives from Pakistan

The workshop will provide a platform where people from diverse backgrounds share their thoughts on the techniques and technologies that can contribute towards the improvement of the developing regions.

Agenda for the workshop can be found here

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