Qasim Maqbool

I work at the Neighborhood for Emerging-World Technologies with Umar Saif on the Village BTS project. My research interests include computer networks, wireless communications, signal processing, operating systems and problems in learning and teaching. I have had the pleasure to work in the past with Zartash Afzal Uzmi and Ashraf Iqbal.

June 2011: I completed my Masters in Computer Engineering from LUMS. Before that, I went to college at the National University of Sciences and Technology, majoring in Electrical Engineering.

Current Research

I am currently involved with the Village Base Station project, which aims to utilize software defined radios to implement GSM base stations. This leads to a new kind of platform for services that combines voice, data and SMS; includes support for groups, locations and asynchrony; and allows totally 'off-grid' community networks.

We envision the democratization of voice and data services in the future, with a large number of independent operators offering voice and data services in a local setting. This would be made possible by using ITAPs that can work as standalone, off-the-grid base stations requiring no expensive backhaul, analogous to Wifi hotspots. For a summary of our work, click here.